Wheel Nut Indicators
Wheel Nut Indicators comes in standard and extended range. Very cost effective option for large fleet with range of colours option.
Your complete answer to Driver/Truck record and Administration systems combined with your essential health and safety requirements.
Health & Safety Flyer
New Zealand's Safest Wheel Nut System - A Solution not just an Indicator!


  • Vehicle Logbooks

    Save yourself and your staff time and hassle, by streamlining your vehicle logbooks, maintenance logbooks, daily time sheets and pre-check documents into one simple, easy to use logbook – the Work Time Logbook.  All your driver, admin and health & safety requirements in one simple, easy to use book.

  • Wheel Nut Indicators

    Wheel Nut Indicators

    Wheel Nut Indicators comes in standard and extended range.Features include: Made in AU | Very cost effective | Large range of colours | Sizes from 17mm up to 50mm…

  • Bulk Hand Sanitiser

    Instant Hand Sanitiser

    Made on the West Coast NZ
    70% Isopropanol
    Well established brand & recipe

  • Truckie bag

    Truckie Bag

    Designed by Truckies for Truckies!  If you are a truck driver, sales representative, business traveller or anyone that requires a hassle free , organised travel bag, rest assured we have had you in mind during the whole design process

  • Roll Call

    Roll Call

    Monitoring student movements Guaranteeing peace of mind Safe & Secure Emergency Alerts NFC & GPS Technology Bus Route…

  • Safety Lug Lock

    Zafety Lug Lock

    Used by Major Fleets worldwide including Australia and New Zealand. Zaftey Lug Lock is the proven wheel nut lock for those serious about safety. Call free now to discuss 0800 62 00 62

  • Worktime Group

    Work Time Machine Cases

    The new WTL machine case is STRONG, WATERPROOF and ON HAND. Keeping your machine prechecks and manuals on you is wise when you need to troubleshoot heavy machinery out in the field. Keep it nearby in this flat style manual holder. Made of molded, recyclable polyethylene, this case protects your documents from fading and damage and is also completely waterproof.

  • Fleet Maintenance & Pre Check Software

    Work Time Group has successfully introduced its very own Fleet Maintenance & Pre Check software. The Fleet Maintenance program named Gearbox is an easy to use system. Specifically designed for assets that require periodic maintenance including on-road, off-road, fixed or mobile plant and equipment, Gearbox is the perfect choice for any sized fleet.

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